Wednesday, March 2, 2011

10 Confessions in Shanda's Random List Style

  1. I'm really, really tired right now. Actually, I'm really, really tired every day after work.
  2. I planned to work until April 1st (two days before my due date and the end of quarter three at work), but I want to stop working now. I've started counting down--if I make it to April 1st, I have 22 teaching days left.
  3. I spend way too much time doing nothing during my prep period at work.
  4. I weigh myself every two mornings; today the scale said I had gained 7 pounds in two days. My reaction was, "whatever."
  5. I've eaten a full size chocolate bar every day from my Read 180 bribery stash.
  6. A huge part of me is sort of glad that I may have to have a c-section because I'm totally afraid that I won't be capable of pushing a baby out.
  7. Dave is sick and he didn't go to work yesterday in order to "heal"--the only thing I thought about was my jealousy that I had to go.
  8. It is getting harder and harder for me to get into my car.
  9. I wear jeans almost every single day of the week (thankfully I have three pairs of maternity jeans).
  10. We have labor class on Saturday and I'm dreading it.


  1. C-section or'll be amazed at what your body can (and was made to) do. Good luck making it to April 1st. I went out 4 weeks before my edd and didn't know if I'd make it that long.

  2. I'm guessing that we're getting to the uncomfortable, frustrating, unbearable part of pregnancy? I have so much to look forward to! ahahahh! You can do it girl! You are so strong!