Thursday, March 10, 2011

Last Day of Work

I made if official this week, I'll be starting March 25th.
It is super strange to think that in 11 school days, my kiddos will be in the hands of another person... it is even more strange to think that I'll be 39 weeks and 5 days when this milestone comes.

My sub plans are pretty much done for English and Media Arts. I have a few things left to do for Read 180 and there is a bunch to do in my classroom to prepare for other people to "take over" (read: clean up all my crap).

I have a super sub for the first six weeks who I trust explicitly; he did his history student teaching all first semester at AHS and got pretty involved. He knows all my Media students because he had them in History for the semester. Because he has a history credential and not English, he can only legally sub for 30 days. So after his six weeks are over, I'll have another sub for two weeks. I do not know who this sub will be yet, but we do have several other long term subs that have "good" reviews.

The current plan is to come back for finals week (May 31-June 3) and then be off for the summer! If Andrew comes late (heaven forbid), I may not even need to come back for that week!

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  1. God's timing is always best. How wonderful that you will have your six weeks and then the whole summer with your baby!