Monday, March 14, 2011

Finished Nursery

Andrew's nursery is done!
With his name sticker up, dresser filled, and adorable art hung, it is ready to welcome him home. It was extremely hard to photograph the room and still show the perspective correctly, so I have a lot of shots for you!
The view from the door to the right The view from the door, to the center of the room. The view from the door, to the left.
The view from the crib
The view from the closet
A few of my favorite things in the room
Reese has NO idea what is about to come into this room...
Shelf above changing table with Dreams and Prayer for Baby Andrew and the "Mixed-up Chameleon" and the changing table baskets filled with needed goodies!
All the 0-3 month clothes ready to go (dresser holds the newborn clothes right now)


  1. It looks so wonderful Jennifer!

  2. It looks amazing! Fine job. Andrew is one lucky little man to get to come home to a nursery like this!

  3. Rachel 'Janz' ChristmanMarch 14, 2011 at 8:14 PM

    I would expect nothing less from you! So cute :) I never would have thought of putting a bed in the nursery - it's normally the other way around, the baby in with mom and dad. I like this idea!

  4. His nursery is beautiful! Do you mind sharing where you purchased his name sticker?

  5. The name sticker came from WallSpoken Etsy store--here is a link to the purchase page (with Drew's nursery as the image!):