Thursday, March 3, 2011

oh Romeo

My dear friends, we've started reading Romeo and Juliet in my Intro classes. Last year, I dreaded starting it, but this year, I've been giddy with excitement. The kids REALLY love it and get into it! Some of the best conversations/statements we've "heard" over the past three days of class...
  • "Who would have thought that Shakespeare would be such a perv!"
  • "Mrs. Pfeffer, you should always play the Nurse because you play the crazy, loud, bossy women well."
  • "Why in the world did women not breastfeed their own children?!? And didn't the women like Nurse think that it was strange that they were having another person's child suck their boob?"

And on the subject of breastfeeding, from male students in my class...

  • Where does the milk come from?
  • How does it go away?
  • What does the nipple do when they stop?

I LOVE ninth graders--they make me laugh!

1 comment:

  1. how funny!
    I'm glad you're enjoying it this year!

    The classes I subbed for last week were watching both movies, and of course there's nudity in the one, but the student seemed to be more shocked by the naked backs in the new one, over the butt and boob in the old one... go figure!