Sunday, March 27, 2011

My enemy


It is something that I LOVE. I know I've talked about it before, but I like to sleep nine to ten hours a night. Without it, I am cranky and work at a much less effective speed. I haven't slept well in about five months, which I guess is pretty normal for pregnancy. At first, the problem was that I usually sleep on my stomach or back, which isn't compatible with pregnancy.

We invested in one of these...

It helped, along with many a few other pillows, back rubs, and Tylenol.

As I got bigger and bigger, the amount of times I got up to go to the bathroom increased, but that wasn't that big of a deal. I could go right back to sleep...

Flipping over became pretty much impossible without getting out of bed completely and laying back down again, but that wasn't that big of a deal. I could go right back to sleep...

Dreams became pretty vivid (scary and "normal") and would wake me up in a shock, but that wasn't that big of a deal. I could go right back to sleep...

Now my hips, thighs, and knees hurt. I can fall asleep pretty darn quickly, but staying asleep more than four hours (with bathroom trips, flipping over, etc included in that 4 hours) is impossible. My legs hurt so badly that the only think I can do it get up. I can't go back to sleep. I can't sleep at all. The past two weeks I was up fully no later than 5 am, which was okay because I would get dressed and go to work early to help get things finished for my sub. Yesterday (Saturday), I was up at 4:45 am. Today, 5:02 am.

As everyone says, "your body is preparing for an infant." For some reason, this statement makes me angry. Obviously when Andrew is here, I'll be sleeping less, but at least there will be a REASON to be awake. There will be something that needs to be done when I'm awake (rather than writing a complaining blog, watching tv, and pacing the house)... AND, when I am actually asleep I may actually sleep soundly. The other main flaw I see in this statement is that right now I should be sleeping MORE to prepare for sleeping less later.

Okay, complaint over.

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  1. hahahah! I totally agree! I've heard people say that too, and I always have that thought, "But then I should be getting as much sleep as possible now in preparation!"

    I was so happy when Grant surprised me with the Boppy, I couldn't handle it! Sleeping has been much better, b/c I got so used to my back as well. I'm also having a difficult time flipping over too! It's awful! I can't imagine being full term and trying... it will suck.

    I'm so happy for you! You've made it, and soon your little bundle of joy will be here, and it will all be worth it!