Monday, March 7, 2011

Baby Shower picture fest

I showed you little sneek peek of the shower, but now I'm going to overwhelm you! Brenda gave me a CD with some beautiful pictures--it was hard to even narrow it down to these :)
My wonderful best friend Desiree did an awesome job putting everything together and made me feel so loved! Of course, my mom was there and "Aunt June" too :) Des' mom, Sandy, and sister, Larissa, helped a lot!
Tawni and Rachel helped with food too! The many faces of me opening presents!
too cute!
can't beat this at our house (yes, I'm fully aware that we are going to have MAJOR jealousy issues with Reese--they've already started!)
Welcome to boyhood--Tonka truck books, baseball, and Cars
College fund piggy bank (oh, so appropriate considering the student loans that mommy and daddy will be paying for the next twenty years)
can you hear me saying "soooo cute" while scrunching my nose?!?
Aunt Melissa
The Central crew (Deb, Theresa, Naomi, Susannah) that is all over the place now :)
The adorable gift bags and clothes pins for the baby game
(people couldn't say Andrew, Drew, or baby)
Feeling him move all around!
My Weight Watchers friends (Jeannie, Wendy, and Samantha)

I have so many more pictures...

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  1. Your nursery is beautiful! Congratulations! Also, where did you get your wall decal? We are also naming our son Andrew and I love the font.
    Please email me at if you do not mind sharing.

    Many thanks and best wishes!