Friday, June 3, 2011

Back to Work and Off Again

This week I went back to work for three days... three minimum days at that. 

It really shouldn't count as "going back to work." 

My mom came out to take care (and play) of Andrew and I headed back to my classroom to give finals, clean up, and sign out for the summer.  The first day I cried on the way to school, but as soon as I walked into my room I realized how much I had to get done in the 15 hours I had to work.  I got busy and worked non-stop while at work.  This afternoon I turned in my final grades, signed out with the administrators and prepared to leave.  I do have to go back tomorrow or Monday to finish a few things I didn't have time to do (unhook my computer and lock everything up), but really I'm home with my baby boy for the next  12 weeks!

And yes, Andrew's birthday was planned around school.

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  1. Grandma Lynette got to get to know Baby Andrew a lot during our 3 days together :) He is a sweet, sweet boy! He is alert and loves to watch his mobile, watches the moving parts in his swing and is super strong! He can hold up his head for at least 30 seconds now and we got to watch him flip over for the first time during my stay. It is hard to go home when you have such an easy-going baby to hold.