Wednesday, June 22, 2011


We've been following the EASY method (Baby Whisperer) for a little less than three weeks now.  Remember, I told you all about the sleeping thing here. I've got to say that I am SO impressed with this lady that I feel like I could be her promoter (and I have tried to share with the bumpies).  Andrew has always been a happy baby, but I think he's even happier now.  He sleeps well during the day and at night. 
The "eventually" that I mentioned in the previous post is here--after the five minute wind down where I hold, pat, and shh I put him down and leave the room without needing to continue patting/shhhing.  More times than not, he's still awake and looking around, but he puts himself to sleep.  Naps range from 45-90 minutes and night sleep averages about eight hours per night (the longest was 9 hours and 22 minutes).
As long as we "do" the routine, he also pretty much sleeps anywhere.  He's slept on the floor at Melissa's, on the RV bed camping, at the go-cart race track, in Ontario Mills, and many different restaurant.
Since Monday when the doctor prescribed Zantac, we've having a lot easier time eating too.  He HATES the Zantac (who in the world decided to make children's zantac in peppermint flavor?!?), but he doesn't arch his back and refuse to finish eating anymore.  Because of this, this week he has also eliminated his "dream feed" at 11 pm (basically he refused to eat and we were brave enough to just let him sleep).
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  1. Awe, he looks so peaceful. I'm glad you found a "system" that works.

  2. I'm so happy that it's working out for you, I'll definitely have to check the book out!