Monday, June 13, 2011

Well Baby Check-up, Week 9

Andrew went to his two month appointment today with Dr. Ghebrial.   Everything looks good and the doctor was super impressed with his head control and back strength.  He commended mommy on obviously having lots of tummy time (yeaaa Mommy!). 
As I thought, Andrew does indeed have reflux and will start taking baby Zantac tonight.  The doctor suggested adding rice cereal to his bottle after a week of Zantac if the spit up quantity does not decrease (it probably will never go away).

He also had to get three shots.  After the first one, he turned bright red, scrunched up his face (it looked like he was holding his breath), and let out the biggest, longest scream ever.  I cried.  After about 30 seconds of being held, Andrew was perfectly fine.  We'll see how the next 24 hours go.

Here are his new stats: 

Length: 24 inches, 89th percentile
  • 3 Weeks: 21.5 inches, 58 percentile (grown 2.5 inches, 31 percentile jump!)
  • Birth: 20.5 (grown 3.5 inches)
Weight: 12lbs, 3.8 ounces, 51st percentile
  •  3 Weeks: 8 lbs, 14.9 ounces, 24 percentile (gained 3 lbs, 2.6 ounces, doubled percentile )
  • Birth: 7 lbs, 5 oz (gained 4 lbs, 15 oz)
Head Circumference: 16.73 inches, 95th percentile
  •  3 Weeks: 15.5 inches, 84 percentile (grown 1.5 inches)
  • Birth: 13.5 (grown 3.2 inches)
The most interesting thing that Dr. Ghebrial printed for me was the "weight-for-length" percentiles.  Andrew is in the 10th percentile for this--meaning that only 10% of babies his length weigh less than him, 90% weigh more!  He is one "skinny" baby!!

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