Thursday, June 9, 2011

Two Months Old

Andrew is changing daily!  It is wonderful that I have the opportunity to be home with him and learn all about him as he does this changing.  My three days back at work were an okay break, but made me appreciate the next 12 weeks even more.  His personality is taking shape!

Developmental Milestones this Month: Andrew fits into the textbook category for his development.  He can do the following (all age-appropriate according to What to Expect the First Year): smile in response to your smile, startles at a bell/clapping sound, lifts his head 90 degrees and raises his chest when he's on this stomach, rolls over from his stomach to his back, holds his head (relatively) steady when sitting upright, grasps rattle/toy held to his hand, pays attention to small objects in front of him and tracks them as I move them.  He's also just starting to vocalize, but is pretty quiet. 

Things Andrew likes: anything with eyes or polka dots (which I assume he thinks are eyes)--his reaction is smiles.  He loves the octopus on this play mat and the bear and bird Grandma hung by the changing table.  He still also really enjoys his crib mobile and being talked/read to.
Things Andrew doesn't like: Being strapped into his car seat, hiccups, burping or really anything that makes the bottle come out of his mouth, and staying in the same position for too long
Sleeping: As I have gotten better at reading him and following the Baby Whisperer EASY method, we've been getting better and better at napping during the day.  He doesn't always sleep, but we are getting several good naps in per day.  It is by no way the new normal and just typing it out may jinx it, but Andrew has slept 7 hours in a row three of the last four nights! We also transitioned to the crib this past week during the day for naps and he's been in both places at night.  I'm sure he doesn't know/care about the difference between his crib and bassinet, but Mommy isn't quite ready for him to be down the hall; however, I said I'd transition him about 8 weeks and I'm stickin' to my guns.  The monitors are out and we've been using them since last Saturday.

Eating:  We're now at 4.5 ounces every three hours during the day with a "tank up" feeding at 8 pm, and a "dream feed" at 10:30.  He is eating about 30 ounces per day.  Everyone is a lot happier now that we aren't messing with breastfeeding.

Diapers: Still in size 1--it amazes me how many diapers we have used! We're at 410 size ones!

Clothing: Andrew is wearing 0-3 month clothes.  Because he is still long and skinny, most of the pants/shorts that we have in 0-3 fall off his belly, but the newborns are too short.

And a rundown of the last two weeks so that I don't forget anything important:
May 22: Visited San Diego for the first time.  He slept in the car all the way there and home!
May 23: Took all day to adjust back to normal from San Diego trip, super fussy
May 25: Upped formula to 4 ounces from 3.5.  Made mommy and daddy happy with a six hour stretch at night (starting about 7 pm) followed by a four hour stretch.
May 26: Completely transitioned to 0-3 month clothes and packed up all the newborn stuff to give back to Tawni and Rachel.  He is still skinny enough to fit into newborn, but way too long.  Mommy cried.  Dinner with Keys Family
May 28: Attended his second car show in the Baby Bjorn and slept most of the time. Lots and lots of smiles for Daddy!
May 29: First birthday party for Caleb
May 30: First Memorial Day Picnic with Grandma and Grandpa; lots of smiles at Grandpa. Slept for SIX HOURS starting at 5:30 pm. 
May 31: Napped in his crib and stayed asleep!  During tummy time, Andrew really started holding up his head for extended periods and sort of rolls over when his arms are put under him by Mommy
June 1-3: Mommy back to work and Grandma babysitting--Grandma says we have an Angel baby on our hands
June 1: Figures out how to roll over completely with Grandma
June 4: Start sleep routine using the EASY method.  First night: down at 8:45, up at 1, 4, and 7.  Went down immediately at 1, but needed encouragement at 4.  Up for the morning at 7.
June 5, 7-8: Slept 7 hours straight starting at 9 pm (this is good sleep time for mommy and daddy!)
"Stop taking about me mom," says Andrew.


  1. oh my goodness I can't handle how stinking adorable he is! Those pictures are so great, I can't even pic my favorite! I really love that opening picture those with those big wide eyes! He's so precious Jen!

  2. Love Andrew's 2-month update! It is hard for me to think you are doing all of this on a computer and have your own website! All of your "firsts" were hand-written in your Baby book by me. How the world has changed with technology. But what hasn't changed is the love we have for our children. I love you Jennifer! Your Mom and Andrew's Grandma

  3. Love the update! I also enjoy looking at all of the pictures and how he has grown. My favorite picture is the last one. =)