Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Father's Day Celebration

We celebrated on Saturday with my parents and sister by taking a trip to Fast Lap in Ontario.  Dave found a fantastic coupon online that got us five races for $22 (it is normally $25 for one race).
Dave, of course, knew what he was getting himself into and had a wonderful time trying to beat his own time and the other fast daredevils on the track.
Melissa liked it better during her second and third race and was starting to become one of those scary daredevils by the third race.
I raced once and was done; Dave said it was because I was too slow, but really I was not thrilled to be squished into a seat in order to go around and around and around again for ten minutes (can I say BORING). 
Dad really enjoyed himself the first time, but the second time he got a bit sick to his stomach so he was done too.
My mom thought it was too loud and spend most of the time with the baby in the air conditioned "safety video" room :)
Andrew didn't notice he was anywhere different than normal and took a nap.

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