Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Six Week Pictures

I know it is meant to make you spend way too much money, but the hospital photographers offered a free in-home photo session and a free 8x10 when your child is six weeks old. I took them up on the offer and swore to myself that I would only get the free photo and no others... did that work? No. I ended up getting two free 8x10s and buying the "scrapbook" package of one 3x5 of every picture they took. $100 later and a few weeks waiting, they arrived in the mail yesterday. Some of them are super cute... some not so much (but I didn't spend the time to scan those).
 As Melissa says, this is his new head shot.

 This the the "official" 8x10 that I got for the wall
 This is the other 8x10 that the salesman threw in to convince me to spend money.  It will be on the wall in Andrew's room.

 Chargers Baby
 nope, still didn't get my cute bear hat picture, although this one is better
 I didn't have any make-up on and my hair isn't done, but I still like these with me and Andrew.

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  1. I so can't even tell that you have no make up on and that your hair isn't done, you look great!