Saturday, June 4, 2011

Bottle Experiment

The Breastflow Bottles were wonderful when I was trying to breastfeed and bottle feed at the same time.  Andrew took it without problem and it did not cause excess gas; however, they were a pain in the butt to wash because of the double nipple.  Really, the inside blue nipple required scrubbing to get the formula out of the small, hard plastic spots.  When it was clear that breastfeeding was going to work no matter how hard I tried, we decided that we wanted to use a different kind of bottles that were "easier."
It seems like everyone told me that their child did/did not like certain bottles, so I was concerned about switching.  Thankfully I have wonderful friends (Rachel and Tawni) who have tried multiple bottles and let me borrow them! 

First up, the Avent bottles.  Andrew took the bottle without a problem at first, but after about half a bottle, he would push the nipple out of his mouth and drooled a HUGE amount all over himself.  We used these all day just in case it was a fluke, but same thing happened every time. On to the next one...

Second bottle--Nuk Bottle.  Again, Andrew took the bottle without a problem and ate it super fast.  So fast, in fact, that he spit up most of his meal and had a lot more gas than normal.  I only used this one twice and didn't feel like subjecting my poor son to the tummy problems for a full day.  Next...

The third bottle--Soothie.  I was actually pretty stoked about these bottles because they are actually the same bottle and collar as the Breastflow Bottle.  If Andrew liked these and they worked well, all we would have to buy is new nipples.  Like all previous bottles, Andrew took it without a problem (at this point, it became pretty clear that my son will take any bottle).  He ate his normal speed, had his normal about of spit up, but had horrible hiccups about 15 minutes after eating.  I added a bit more burping and the hiccups got better the next bottle.  I was sold on them; however, in the middle of the night, his starting drooling a ton when eating with Daddy.  Dave vetoed the bottle after that.  I'm sure that these would work well with a bit of training from the wee one and Daddy.Last bottle--Playtex Drop-in Nurser.  Andrew takes it and eats well.  Burping is great, spit-up is minimal, hiccups aren't normal.  Best part, you don't have to wash the bottle (this sold Dave on this bottle).  He drools a little bit as he eats, but nothing a burp cloth can't take care of.  The best part?  Tawni let us borrow all of her 4 ounce bottles and gave us a box of the drop-ins! 

My poor child has used a lot of bottles the last two weeks, but he appears to be pretty easy to please as long as there is milk flowing into his mouth.  All that said, we're going to use the drop-ins because they're easy!


  1. This ones seems to be a pretty common bottle for a lot of babies lately. I have a bunch of 4 oz drop-ins left too I can give you!

  2. I am an official supporter of this kind of bottle. Loved them! Easy to clean, easy to fill and the best part...Andrew loved them!
    Grandma Lynette