Sunday, January 9, 2011

Week 28

I LOOK: round and happy! No swelling in my hands or feet, innie belly button, and great hair still. My nails have taken a bit of a nose dive.
  • Total Weight Gain: +29 lbs--Up five pounds in the past four weeks. Doctors appointment is Monday, we'll see what he thinks.
  • Maternity Clothes: I know I said this was going to go away this week, but there have been major accomplishment in this area over the past two weeks. First off, maternity underwear is a necessity. I should have jumped on board WAY before. Maternity tights/nylons are also a complete necessity--one day with "regular" tights was enough to send me to Target to buy the expensive maternity ones (thankfully they were on clearance for 75% off). Tawni also stocked up my wardrobe, so I feel pretty stylish. The dress in this weeks pictures is one of hers.
I FEEL: EVERYONE at work asks me every single time they see me, "How are you feeling?" and I never know how to answer. I usually say, "fine" but they want more so I follow up with "just pregnant." On a day-to-day basis when at work, I can forget that I'm pregnant; basically I'm just a bit sore all over, a bit more hungry, a bit less patient, a pee factory...
  • Baby Movements: Drew likes when I eat and rewards me with a whole lot of movement. He doesn't really kick hard, but still just seems to push a lot. I'm suppose to start "kick counts" this week for the doctor so I've been practicing timing and counting ten movements in the evening. It usually only takes about ten minutes right after eating dinner. He must sleep during the day when I'm actively teaching, but I don't feel him a whole lot.
  • Weird Pregnancy Symptom/Event: my hands are super dry and scaly no matter how much hand lotion or cream I use. Upon using Doctor Google, it seems like this can be blamed on my hormones...

I CRAVE: (repeated from Week 26) Food. All the time. Doesn't matter what it is... I'm ALWAYS hungry. I have eaten a significant amount of bananas and string cheese though.

I THINK: Our first baby prep class was a bit boring, but I'm looking forward to our classes this week. The first one was pretty basic; if anything, it made me feel knowledgeable and comfortable with the basics (feeding, sleeping, pooping, basic complications/newborn issues). I was thankful to experience birth/newborns/babies through my wonderful friends first. This week we have another class on breastfeeding and labor/pain management.

I HOPE/I'm EXCITED: to plan Drew's nursery. I ordered a wall decal from itsy that has his name and James 1:17 ("Every good and perfect gift is from above") for the wall above his crib and I'm looking at thousands of pictures online to "design" how I want to repaint and layout. We'll be starting on the room the first weekend in February and I can't wait!

DOCs SAY: Next appointment is tomorrow. Glucose test for diabetes came back stellar! Although lectured about weight gain, PCOS, and my insulin resistances (thanks to PCOS), I am still far from diabetic and my sugars are at 77 (anything under 180 is considered good with the way they conduct the test).

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  1. Wow..., soon you will be come a mother after giving birth to your child or children.