Sunday, January 2, 2011

Third Trimester Already?!?

As of yesterday (26 weeks and 6 days), I have entered into my third trimester of pregnancy. I'm feeling pretty good, but looking pretty huge. My mother in law told me on New Years that I looked like a Christmas bell. Dave looks at me with a strange combination of "oh my gosh" and "how cute." Tomorrow when I go back to my kiddos after two weeks off, they should be pretty cute.
Reese, on the other hand, doesn't really like the bump. In the above picture, she is sitting on the bump as I mess around the computer, but over and over again she tried to climb up and sit on my shoulder to avoid it. She has also left her normal sleeping position at my stomach to find a new spot on my neck or over with Dave. It is hard to believe that we have 13 weeks left before baby Drew is here :)

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