Sunday, January 23, 2011

Week 30

I forgot to take a picture before church today in my dress, so you get the "I'm going to get 101 things done today" outfit.
I LOOK: Every time I see someone I haven't seen recently, the first thing they say to me is, "you're huge" and it's true (even though you shouldn't ever say this to a pregnant lady--it hurts her feelings). I've had random strangers walk up and tell me how cute I am (which is strange, but much better than the "you're huge" comments). The comments have already started about being ready to pop, questions about twins, and when are you due. Part of me thinks that I can't really get any bigger, but I'm sure the next ten-ish weeks will prove that feeling wrong. Andrew is sitting very high and very "out." I still have no swelling, an innie belly button, and great hair. Total Weight Gain: 29 lbs

I FEEL: grouchy! My normal patience level is cut in half and all the "mean" things I think in my head want to come out. So far I've been pretty good in class with my students (well, except with Read180--they just piss me off every day), but adults who do stupid things get no sympathy.

On the pregnancy feeling side of things:

  • I feel the intense need for the house to be finished. Call it nesting, call it planning, call it insanity, I don't really care what it is called at this point, just as long as it is finished. (Due dates assigned: Bathroom 2/19, Nursery 3/5 and dining room is contractor's issue and he's assured me it will be done quickly).
  • It's frustrating that I can't really do anything to make it finished any faster (well, other than nag), so I'm left with other projects... I washed, folded and organized all the baby clothes and bought plastic totes for the closet and under the bed to have some hidden storage in the nursery.
  • The past two nights I've slept four hours straight and it was wonderful! Maybe my body is ready to let me sleep more? I can only hope!
  • My back feels pretty good after I get moving, but hurts again by the end of the day. My sciatic nerve is being compressed and causes the sides of my legs to tingle when I stand in one place, but thankfully it isn't causing any pain.
  • Overall, I feel pretty huge. It amazes me that this is my view most of the time.
  • Baby Movements: Lots of pushing and moving around in the evenings. Kick counts are almost pointless--he kicks pretty much constantly from 5:00-7:00 pm--his record for 10 kicks is 2 minutes and 12 seconds. The longest time has been 12 minutes, but that was at 9:15 at night.
  • Weird Pregnancy Symptom: discharge is killing me. I won't go into details, but I'm over it... SO over it! I am also pretty much out of breath on a regular basis. Walking up the very small incline from my classroom to the main office (crossing the school quad) is enough to make me feel winded. When I get on a roll teaching and talking in my super fast speed, I have to stop and catch my breath.
I CRAVE: food wise--nothing much. No food sounds good. I am always hungry, don't get me wrong. The fact that nothing sounds good hasn't stopped me from eating too much. I'm good at that.
I THINK: Ten weeks is both a short and LONG time. Short when I consider how much needs to be done before he gets here and the fact that our entire lives will be changing dramatically. Long when I consider that I'm uncomfortable and huge now.
I HOPE/I'm EXCITED: to see Baby Drew tomorrow on a 3D/4D ultrasound! Our trip is at 6:30 pm and I'm not sure I'll be able to get through the next day without being completely distracted. This is more exciting that any of the other ultrasounds because he's be big and we'll get to see his face :) We should get to start working on the nursery this week as well, which is wonderful!

DOCs SAY: no appointment for another two weeks. Also, because a few people has asked or implied that it was weird, my midwife says that I come once a month until 36 weeks (only two left: 32 and 36 weeks), then 38 weeks, then 39 and 40. If everything goes as planned, I only have five more prenatal appointments.


  1. I can't believe you're 30 weeks already! Awesome! And I know exactly what you mean with the discharge and getting out of breath. I got winded just walking from one side of my house to the other. Don't worry...that is an automatic fix once Drew arrives. :p

  2. Beautiful- creative- loving- wonderful.....Andrew is going to be the luckiest BOY alive to have a mommy like you and a wonderful family in tow! Thanks for sharing!