Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Master Bathroom Update

We lived with this bathroom state for a few months (think October), but as we get closer and closer to Drew coming, the "nesting" need has kicked in and my level of determination to get this bathroom done has kicked into high gear. The nagging has turned into full fledged rage when it isn't happening. Anyway... Dave has stepped up and we've gotten a lot done over the past few weeks.
We started by cutting a gazillion tiles... I tiled most of the shower in November (probably a pretty bad idea at 19 weeks pregnant).
Dave smeared the cement on the wall for me.
The side walls were done!
The back wall was finished... at sat there until January.
In January, Dave added the glass tiles and the 2X2 squares...

The corner wrap-around was pretty difficult, but it was done too (January 8th).
The week of January 15th, Dave started grouting!
Several layers of grout goes on and off! The center "clean" spot is what "done" looks like...
The shower was grouted (January 15/16). The top part where the grout is dark is slightly damp and the bottom part needs its final wipe down to remove the extra grout from the top of the tiles.
The top of the shower with the glass tiles gets non-sanded group so it was done seperately (January 17/18).
What's left?
  1. Seal grout on floor and shower.
  2. Caulk all seams.
  3. Drill hole for and install shower head.
  4. Install shampoo shelf (see the hole on the left wall).
  5. Install toliet.
  6. Mount cabinets onto wall.
  7. Order granite countertops.
  8. Install all lighting (ceiling and vanity light).
  9. Install countertops and sink.
  10. Install mirrors.
  11. Install bathroom hardware (towel bars, toliet paper holder, robe hook, etc).

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  1. Look great babe! Love the tile. Very nice job both of you (especially Dave since I know he's doing the bulk of the work at this point)!