Friday, January 7, 2011

Year Two of Homeownership

Last year I had a pretty impressive blog about the First Year of Homeownership and showed off all the changes that had taken place in our house; this year, at lot less has been accomplished on the remodel because of all those busy things that happened and the onset of a JOB (woo hoo!!) for Dave. However, December 31st was still our second year of homeownership! Enjoy a photo tour!

First off, those with a change:
  • Guest Bedroom: Year 1 and 2In April when Melissa moved in, the guest bedroom transformed into her room. Other than the major roommate change, the closet was also given a facelift with custom made sliding mirror doors. Jennifer slept in the guest bedroom with Melissa until July 1 as Dave slept in the red room on the mattress--now that was interesting.
  • Hallway: The bathroom and master bedroom door trims were finally finished. The linen closet and drawers were finally made useable and more pictures were hung on the wall.
  • Master Bedroom: (Year 1 and 2) BIGGEST TRANSFORMATION of the year and about the same cost as everything from 2009 (because as much as I planned and tried to get Dave to stick with it, 101 small trips to Home Depot caught up with us)
  • The bedroom itself has repaired plaster and new drywall, painted and cleaned closet with new custom doors, new paint, and our bedroom set in June.
  • The area behind the plywood from the 2009 picture and the original "sink room" is now transformed into my closet/dressing area with all new studs, floorboard, heating/air conditioning, electrical, dimming can lights, drywall, closet cabinets from Ikea, and paint to match the bedroom. Enjoy the magic of my closet!
  • The bathroom is still not quite done, but also has new everything like the dressing area AND a new shower pan, tile floor and shower, toliet and vanity. Still needs a countertop, sinks, and all the fixtures.
And those things with no changes:

  • Front of the House: The wonderful grass is still super green and the envy of all the neighbours! Dave is still rather obsessed with it :).
  • Living Room: Still beautifully mocha and exactly how I had it envisioned, although usually it has too much stuff in it that either Dave, Melissa, or I do not put away.
  • Office: Although there were plans to fix this room this year (changing the door, moving in the futon), it is the same messy room. It has acquired another four computer CPUs, several hundred dollars worth of textbooks and more mess.
  • Kitchen: literally looks exactly the same as 365 days ago, Christmas decorations and all.
  • Red Room: the bunnies moved to the garage and instead of construction storage, the room has become baby storage area. We have my parents dining room table and china hutch sitting there too. The wall with the beautiful sliding doors must be our next project (that we'll pay to have done) because the concrete under it is crumbling.
  • Hall Bathroom: Beautiful as remodeled--still the room I sit in when I need a rejunivation from the state of undoneness of my house(baby projects finished in February of 2010).
  • Backyard: construction zone (or lack there of) for the year.
2011 Projects (in order of my priority and all hopefully done BEFORE Drew arrives):
  1. Master bathroom finished (as I type this Dave is outside cutting the final pieces of tile)
  2. Guest bedroom door replaced
  3. Guest bedroom transforms into nursery
  4. Red Room wall taken down, foundation fixed (welcome contractor again)
  5. Red Room drywall repaired, textured, painted
  6. Red Room floor level and new floor laid

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