Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Red Room Under Construction

See this wall?
This is the outside wall of the Red Room. The cement under the sliding doors is crumbling and the doors are slightly "bending" into middle. The previous owners had broken out the step and part of the foundation to add in the ugly deck that we took out when we moved out...
Although this picture was taken yesterday, it might as well have been from November 2009. The room hasn't changed in anyway since before we bought the house. We've used the room as storage for construction (remember the toliet living in the room?), storage for our house, and sort of as a dining room.

Because we are not foundation experts, nor does Dave have time to start another major project before Drew gets here, we've hired a contractor to fix the wall and then finish the room (new installation and drywall).

After one day, the team of contractors finished demo of the room and cleaned up EVERYTHING. I love this :)
This is the wall between the Red Room and living room with plastic preventing dust from moving around our clean house.
More to come as progress is made :)

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