Saturday, January 15, 2011

Baby Clothes

Last night, Dave and I went to Babies R Us to get the crib mattress (we had a 30% off coupon and $5 reward that we had to use) and while we were there I saw this ADORABLE little outfit. Unless I find something I like better, I think Drew will come home from the hospital in this! This morning I stopped by Kohl's with another 30% coupon. Combined with the super Saturday sale, I got all these adorable outfits for $33. The green sweater vest outfit is for Easter :)


  1. Cute! Can't wait to meet him... I'm thinking we might be down there April 15-17th or something along those lines. We promise to come bearing gifts for the little guy :)

    Any idea when your shower is going to be?

  2. Jennifer - such cute clothes...see there are cute baby boy outfits!! This is why I want to have the shower on Sat. 16th for all those Spring Break travelers :)
    Love MOM