Sunday, January 30, 2011

Weekend at the Pfeffers

We spent an huge amount of time in the red room! In order for the contractor to finish the room this week (yes, the entire project will be done in two weeks!!!), Dave had to get the electrical work done. Dave has probably saved us about $1500 by re-wiring everything himself.

This includes:
  • all new junction boxes under the house and in the rafters (to help the whole house re-wire later)
  • eight outlets for living room, dining room, kitchen, and outside
  • overhead light and three way light switch for it
  • two outside porch lights with a switch inside
He learned a great deal of the electrical when he did it for the master bath addition and knew he was doing it correctly because he passed his city inspection with flying colors. This weekend, he has spend a fair share of time in the rafters, in the room, outside, and under the house. The part that makes him VERY cranky is the time he had to spend under the house. Although he does get to wear this spiffy suit and LED light on his head, he doesn't enjoy crawling around in the rocks, dirt, and mud. Just today he spend two hours, twelve minutes under the house (I didn't think to keep track yesterday). While he is under the house, it is my job to stay in the house and do what he says from up above. This involves a whole lot of waiting for him while entertaining the dog and a little big of actually helping. On the Reese note, she really doesn't like him under the house either. She constantly looks down the wire holes because she can see/smell/hear him and whines until she gets picked up.
My "big" job of the weekend was to run all the wires down the holes to Dave. From there he hooked them into the new "j-box" and I then cut them and started the process over in another one of the holes. I, of course, messed one of them up which was a bit stressful, but Dave figured out how to make my mistake work.

Oh, and while he was under the house last night, he found a small gas leak... which he fixed in his time under there today. I know what you're thinking, "how in the world does he know how to do these things?" I think the same thing often; he has a gifted brain.

No nursery work has happened (completely understandable) on Dave's end, but I was able to get several smaller projects done while I was "on call." I added ribbon to my mom's art work to "finish" them. I also added brown bows to my baskets to go with the theme. After poring over the giant Behr paint color wheel, I also picked the four colors we'll use for the walls. Baby clothes from Tawni are being sorted and put away now too!
baskets from the changing table shelf

Technically, the nursery wasn't suppose to be started until next weekend anyway. So we aren't "behind" schedule. Also, today I am 31 weeks pregnant, only 9 weeks to go!

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