Saturday, January 22, 2011

Nursery Idea

Melissa is moving out this weekend and work on the nursery should be in full force next weekend--before next Friday night, I have some pretty "big" decisions to make about the paint.

The above picture is the closest picture that matches the "inspiration" that is in my head.

Our color scheme is going to be light blue, navy blue, light green, chocolate, and white
(based on the bedding). Our crib and changing table are dark wood, the rocker is dark wood and tan swede, we have a white rug for the floor, and a white dresser that may/may not stay in the room.

I'm thinking we paint the wall a very, very light blue.

For the stripes, I'd like to have three lines for the three colors.
Possible a thick lime stripe, a thinner navy line, and then a very thin brown line with the light blue showing in between the stripes.

Do you think it would look nice?
Would three lines be okay?
Should I do a thin, fat, thin?
Or should I just do two lines?


  1. I think it'll look awesome. Why not grab some poster board and try out different combinations of stripes so you can decide what you like best? I'm thinking 3 should work no problem, you just have to decide which combinations make you happiest!

  2. I think your idea rocks!
    Go with it!
    But I like Nicole's poster board suggestion.
    I LOVE the stipe idea!
    That nursery is too cute.

    I am having so much fun planning our's out!
    Do you have an email? I sent out an email last night with all my ideas, but I didn't have your email.