Saturday, April 2, 2011

Maternity Leave, Day 3-5

In the spirit of relaxation, Wednesday started with pedicures and manicures with Melissa, Desiree, and Sandy (Des' Mom). I think I was in a little bit of heaven with my ten minute leg massage! 39 weeks, 3 days and ROUND everywhere... look at that round, pudgy face... (can I say, Weight Watchers needed NOW) Anna did a fantastic job :)
After getting our nails beautified, the four of us headed over to California Pizza Kitchen for a nice, long lunch. I could eat pizza five times a week and be happy, so it was all good. After lunch, Melissa and I headed to the mall and Toys R Us on search for a perfect stuffed animal for Andrew's monthly pictures. Found one (you'll have to wait and see it when he's born!).

Thursday, began with Dave and I heading over to Kaiser to have my blood pressure checked out (on Tuesday at my appointment, it was elevated and although all the blood tests and urine test showed their was no pre-eclampsia involved, my midwife wanted me to have it rechecked before). It was, of course, normal and "great" according to my RN. We stopped at McDonald's on the way home and off Dave went to work.

I waited another few hours for Melissa to wake up and we headed off to go "shopping" at Costco and Walmart. At the Super Walmart, I spent way too much time buying desserts. Oh well. It was so stinkin' hot, I thought I was going to die. I survived.

We rented movies and watched two late into the evening. While I attempted to lay on my side (which I've been instructed to do by the midwife), Reese, Andrew and I had some snuggle time.

Friday, I dropped cupcakes by Arlington for Read 180 and saw some friends there. Next stop of the day was the Farmer's Market at Sears (pretty cool stuff, I wish I had more than $3.25 cash on me so I could have bought more) and a Weight Watchers meeting at Wendy's friend. It was wonderful to be in the meeting room and I can't wait to start going again.

Wendy and I enjoyed a few hours after the meeting at Starbucks. Afterwards, I came home and actually napped (amazing!). Dave and I finished up the week with dinner at Roadhouse and a redbox movie.

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