Thursday, April 14, 2011

Out of the house!

Life with a baby is just a bit (okay, a LOT) different and everyone here is figuring out how to deal with it. I totally cannot keep up with anything on the computer and am sort of having with drawls, so as Drew sleeps on Daddy's chest, Daddy and Grandma nap, I'm actually going to show you some pictures of that adorable son of mine.

As an adorable 4 day old... Just for the fun of it, one of him sleeping yesterday morning with protector Reese. A very content baby wide awake!
As Drew slept yesterday I did my hair and make-up and put on real (well, maternity) clothes. It felt great to feel a bit more "normal." Drew's first doctor's visit was at 2:30, so we began getting ready to leave at 11 am. It didn't end up taking that long and we left the house shortly after one.

I really wanted to put him in an outfit for the doctors. He was "wild about mommy" with his lion butt and matching shoes. Aunt Melissa helped dress him and he looked so cute, like a little man :) As we prepared to go, Dave make sure the stroller and car seat were perfectly clean and ready to go. Daddy got the job of strapping Drew in--which little man didn't like so much.

At Kaiser again :)

The happy parents who look pretty normal thanks to the extraordinary work of Grandma Bennett. She has taken such good care of us over the past five days.
The nurse loved his outfit and commented on the fact that he had shoes on (come on, he is MY son, would you expect any less). He stretched out for her!
After a long wait, we had our first baby check up. Andrew is doing well, but has lost a bit too much weight and will be getting more formula through the supplemental nursing system (SNS) that we've been using since his stay in NICU. Everything else was "normal" and Mommy felt better after the possibilities of infection and his NICU stay. He was super fussy because he was hungry and amazingly enough, the rooms do not have chairs with arms, so we nursed in the car in the parking lot. I have a feeling, this won't be the last time.
After Kaiser we went on our first shopping trip as a family to Target! Drew was the center of attention as people walked by--so fun!

He slept the entire time!


  1. How wonderful Jennifer! I'm so excited for you guys! He's such an adorable little guy!

  2. I am super excited that Baby Drew is doing well and already learning to shop at Target. Many congratulations!

  3. You look so much better than I did by our follow up appointment. I was so sore and on the verge of tears with everything. Way to go Mama!