Sunday, April 3, 2011

Week 40

Reese, my constant shadow
I LOOK: everyone is staring at me everywhere I go, so I must look like the whale that I feel. My baby belly is now square. There is a clear shelf at the top (that is also sort of mushy like it was pre-pregnancy) where Andrew has vacated in order to cram into the bottom of my belly.

I FEEL: tired, grumpy, and over it. He needs to be here. I need to be patient, which I don't know how to do. On the up side, my acid reflux is completely gone and I haven't needed a Zantac in two full weeks. Baby Prep: The house was cleaned fantastically by Maid Pros last Tuesday and I've been trying to keep it clean. It is a lot easier to do because it was clean to start with. I've been on maternity leave for the entire week, so everything I had on my list "to do" is done. Dave did put up the stickers on the wall in the nursery (separate post coming).

Baby Movements: Stronger, but less frequent. He is clearly out of room.

Pregnancy Symptoms: My tailbone feels like it may explode off my body, my hips (although I didn't think it possible) are wider, and I still haven't felt ONE disgustable contraction.

I CRAVE: an outside baby (vs. an inside baby).

I THINK: I have a son who takes after his parents in the stubborn department and he'll come on his own time and no one else's. It is also strange to constantly think, "this may be the last time I do this without a baby."

I HOPE: My body is doing what it is suppose to in order to help Andrew be the best, healthiest baby ever... I hope that as the days go on he decides to make his presence known sooner than later. I hope that I do not need to be induced (avoiding pitcoin at all costs and the thought of being pregnant for another 8-9 days makes me want to scream).

I'm EXCITED: to be a mommy. I'm excited that this long process is almost over and we'll be a couple with a baby soon. I'm excited to watch Dave be a daddy. Selfishly, I'm also kind of excited to not be pregnant anymore.

DOC's SAY: This week's appointment on Tuesday (39w2d) was interesting with a high blood pressure reading (132/84, then 130/80) and everything else normal with NO changes to my dilation, effacement, or baby's station. The blood work and protein catch showed everything normal. My follow-up on Thursday (39w4d) showed totally normal blood pressure (116/68).

Next appointment: Tuesday, 4/5 at 4:10 pm (which I'd LOVE to avoid having to attend because labor has started).

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  1. Thanks for the update! I'm sure Drew will come in his timing and the Lords timing. If you need anything this week, let me know since I'm off. I have plans to do a whole lot of nothing.