Friday, April 29, 2011

Things I can't live without right now... (postpartum edition)

I pretty much live in a chair like this...
my boobs don't look this perky, but I have one of these on at all times

my rear end is posted on top of one of these a few hours a day

I take two of these four times a day and smell like maple syrup because of it

I've grown to despise these, but oh, so needed.

Whoever invented these must be given an award for helping a women with major stitches

Robyn's gift of these blankets saves my sanity, can't thank her enough

this beauty has allowed Drew to latch properly

obviously these are important, but this mommy has decided that she likes this kind better than Pampers

this has allowed Drew not to starve, but to still latch on to the breast well.

last, but not least, this has helped me get my finger back and will make grandma happy

(only introduced Monday after a full day of no sleep)

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