Saturday, April 30, 2011

Week Three Update

Biggest Change this Week: Andrew has stayed awake during the day a lot more this week! He usually eats and stays alert for about an hour, then takes his two hour nap. I guess we've found the "awake time." Milestones this Week: Easter, bonding with Reese, time at home with mommy, first successful trip out of the house alone with mommy, meeting Grandma Pfeffer, two Great-Grandmas, aunts, and (second) cousins at our family baby shower.
Things he appears to really like: his pacifier, cuddling, and bath
Things he appears not to like: hiccups, not eating immediately

  • Sleeping: Like I said, day time sleeping has become more awake time. Nighttime is still going pretty stellar. On Monday (4/25) night, Andrew slept one five hour stretch! He is working his way up to four hours in a row at night, which Mommy loves. He still does not want to sleep anywhere but on your chest.

  • Eating: Piglet hasn't gone anywhere. He's nursing longer, but still finishes 2 full ounces after a feeding and 3 ounces when we don't breastfeed. We are trying out Enfamil formula this week (we've been using Similac) to see if he "likes" it better; after two full days, I think we'll be going back to Similac... Andrew seems to spit up a lot more with the Enfamil.

  • Breastfeeding: There is very little change here--I'm still not producing enough. I did a bit more research on PCOS and breastfeeding (which is pretty discouraging), but I found that they have a slightly different supplement that could help specifically with the production for PCOS so we went and got that (More Milk Special Blend). When he isn't super mad, which I swear happens even though he was perfect at the shower, he nurses about 10 minutes on each side and has even fallen asleep.

  • Diapers: We've transitioned to size one diapers because we used all 168 newborn diapers we had. The size ones are a bit big, but they work.
How's Mommy? Sore; literally it hurts to sit too long and too much walking around makes me feel queasy. No one told me that I was going to hurt for so long, I feel totally unprepared for this part. I'm a bit over it. And yes, I may tell you my "butt hurts" because it does!

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