Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Family Shower

This Saturday, my mom put together a beautiful family baby shower for Andrew. Represented was both sides of my family and Dave's family. We had four generation of Bennetts and Langevins in the room at the same time--not sure when that will happen again (and we COMPLETELY forgot to take the generational pictures!)

Andrew dressed up for the occasion

Sue, Kathy, and Great-Grandma Dee

(mommy and baby too!)

Great-Grandma Ruth, Grandpa Bennett, Grandma Pfeffer

(and mommy and daddy)

Great Aunt Carol, Second Cousins Sandy, Carolyn, and Meghan, and third(?) cousin Abby (arriving in June)

Aunt Melissa and Grandma Bennett

my Grandma Bennett (aka Great Grandma Ruth) won the award for holding the baby the longest and he slept the entire time

again, we were very blessed with some awesome presents

this is one of the several blankets my mom made for Andrew

cute Mickey onies for when Andrew goes to Disneyland at one!

Daddy opened a few presents too--this is too small for him, but some day it will be perfect for Andrew to help Dad with all those trips to Home Depot!

Also there to shower baby with love was Grandma Linda (aka Nicole's Mom), but she'd kill me if I posted the pictures I have of her!


  1. Pictures turned out great...thanks Melissa for being the photographer for the day!
    Grandma Lynette

  2. It was such a great time! I'm so glad we came!