Tuesday, May 24, 2011

First Trip to San Diego

On Sunday, May 22 we took a day trip to Lakeside to meet some very important people in Andrew's life. 

First stop: Grandpa and Grandma Pfeffer's House. Grandpa met Andrew for the first time and enjoyed talking to him. Andrew seemed to like Grandpa's voice and calming stared at him as he talked. Grandma snuggled the baby too.
Stop Two: The Gregory's (Andy, Sarah, and Devin).
By this point, Andrew was tired and not sleeping, so they got to hear him screaming for 30 minutes without calming down reguardless of who was holding him. We fed him an hour early and it calmed him down; Andy and Sarah enjoyed a calm baby after his bottle :)
Stop Three: 'Grandma' Linda's house.
Andrew was finally completely asleep and content!
Stop Four: Rick and June Buxton's house

Stop Five: Subway for dinner
Stop Six: Travis' house
Stop Seven: Grandpa and Grandma Pfeffer's house
Andrew ate and played with Grandpa some more before getting into his PJs and snuggling with Grandma.

We left Lakeside at 9:30 pm and arrived home shortly before 11 pm. Daddy went straight to bed to prepare for work in the morning; Mommy had a long night with a cranky baby who wanted to eat every 2-3 hours.


  1. What a full day! I know at least one of those people was quite thrilled to get a little more Andrew time. Is it bad that I'm jealous my mom sees him more than I do? :)

  2. wow! You def had a super busy day!