Friday, May 20, 2011

Week Six

The above look is the look I'd assume he's make when he sees the one of him in the bear hat. And, yes, that is my super star son holding himself up with his strong neck.This is the adorable bear hat I ordered from Etsy to take his sleeping newborn pictures in (you know, the ones we never got to take because my son doesn't sleep at night).The past two weeks Andrew has changed a great deal. His head has gotten a lot larger and he's growing rolls on his neck and tiny ones on his legs.

Friday, May 13, he began smiling directly at mommy (and Aunt Melissa too) which was super wonderful!

Saturday, May 14: Left with Aunt Melissa for five hours while Mommy and Daddy attend Louie and Kristen's wedding (Mommy missed him a lot and Daddy was ready to check into a hotel).

Sunday, May 15: Moves up to 3.5 oz per feeding (from 3) but continues to be a piglet, screaming when he's being burped. Monday, May 16: Discovered his love of the crib mobile, especially the car and tow truck. As it rotates around, he smiles and coos, kicks his legs and throws his hands up and down.

Monday-Wednesday, May 16-18: Stops sleeping during the day for longer than 30-45 minutes at a time and we hit the 6-week growth spurt. Stops failing asleep in the car and stroller unless he's moving for extended time periods. Andrew eats every 1.5-3 hours and is super fussy.

Thursday, May 19: Grandma comes to spend a few days and witness that Andrew does not sleep during the day (total of 2 hours of naps). Starts sleeping at night again with a 5 hour stretch usually from 8:30 pm to 1:45 am.

Friday, May 20: finds his hands!! Grandpa comes out and the whole family walks to the Plaza for lunch and exercise.

Saturday, May 21: 6 weeks old

Reese is a bit lonely and attention starved--feel sorry for her with these sad eyes.


  1. just have to make the book that goes with this website...the pictures are so cute! My favorite is the top one. Can you mail the full size copy of that one. Enjoyed being with you guys for 3 days! Love Grandma Lynette

  2. LOVE the six weeks pictures. Drew is growing so fast and such a big boy. I love the breakdown of the week and the Saturday posting of the wedding was funny with the contrasting views from you and Dave. =) Hopefully I can over soon and visit.

  3. wow! He's totally growing into a little person! Melissa posted a pic on FB the other day, and he's really started to develop his own features! It's so cute to watch him grow into this adorable little boy!