Monday, May 9, 2011

One Month Old

It still seems a bit unreal that he is here and mine, let alone that he is a month old already. I catch myself staring at him wondering what God was thinking when he blessed us with such a beautiful baby.As a month old newborn, he officially becomes an "infant" today.

Milestones this Week: Two trips to Arlington, Lunch with Mrs. Rachel at CBU, first doctor's visit, Wienerfest, and Mothers' Day.

Things he appears to really like: singing (or people around him doing it), tummy time, cuddling, his car seat

Things he appears not to like: burping, getting his clothes changed

  • Sleeping: Andrew's biggest accomplishment this week has been adding a 4-5 hour sleeping stretch to the nighttime! Usually he goes down sometime between 9-10 pm and sleeps until 1-2ish. On Thursday night, he slept 5.5 hours straight. We have been working on following the EASY method of sleep during the day and it is going really well; nighttime sleep after our long stretch has been the only major issue time, he doesn't want to go back to bed...

  • Eating: Piglet is still a piglet (although my dad says I'm going to give him a complex with that nickname). Last week he went through a growth spurt and added at least one full feeding to each day, but that appears to have slowed down now. We're fully back to Similac and have purchased our first Costco size container.

  • Breastfeeding: We're still chugging ahead. Friday, he ate enough during BF that he fell asleep and stayed asleep for 3 hours, but then followed it by Saturday and Sunday refusing to BF by screaming at the top of his lungs. Today we're back on track with the help of the SNS system. Still taking the goat's rue and other stuff to see if it makes a difference--so far, no change.

  • Diapers: He's officially fitting into size 1 diapers without issues and blowing through them just as fast. The child pees constantly...

  • Clothing: He is still wearing newborn clothes and most of the newborn onesies are still too big around, but are becoming too short. Most of the sleepers are already too short and pull at his neck. I keep trying on the 0-3 months clothes (because I have a ton and they are CUTE), but we are so not there yet.

How's Mommy? Better, but not great. This week I've actually been able to "forget" about the birthing process and healing some of the time, but the pain comes back when I forget too much and do something over eager...

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  1. Jennifer! He's looking so great!
    I'm glad things are going well.
    Such a cute onesie he's wearing for the pic, is that a sticker?

    And what's the EASY method you mentioned?