Sunday, May 15, 2011

The mirror is a useless intevention

"The mirror is a worthless invention.
The only way to truly see yourself
is in the reflection of someone else's eyes."
~ Voltaire (1694 - 1778)

Voltaire is obviously right, but the mirror isn't the only thing telling me that I have a few (read 50) pounds to lose after welcoming my cuddly baby.

My normal clothes don't fit.

My maternity clothes don't fit.

Not a single pair of pants/shorts/capris I own, fit.

Instead of whining about this any longer, or feeling bad about it, I have started Weight Watchers again. This isn't shocking to me, nor did I ever think that I wouldn't start up as soon as Andrew was here, but it is still a shock to the system. When I stopped WW (or was actually told that I couldn't come anymore), they were on the Flex plan. Now, the "Points Plus" plan is here and everything is a bit difference. I'm sure that it is a wonderful thing for me and everyone else, but I have to re-learn all the points I had memorized because now they are "points plus." This week (Thursday actually), was my first official day on program.

My super fussy baby and I walked to the Plaza for lunch with Dave at Pick-up Stix (Child's House chicken with brown rice for me--9 points) and then walked home and all around the neighborhood to get him to stay calm.

The before mentioned fussy baby kept me from cooking the dinner I'd planned, but wonderful Dave stepped in, read the recipe and make "Weekday Night Stew and Veggies" (6 points per serving).

While I washed bottles (my least favorite task of the entire mommy hood), Andrew and Reese chilled in the kitchen and watched Daddy cook.

Thankfully fussy baby turned into Captain Adorable and was wonderful for the rest of the evening/night.

So here is to losing the weight again and fitting into my HUGE wardrobe of clothes that I've been missing since last September. I'd love to stay I'll be back at goal by September, but I'm not crazy. It took me 9 months to gain it, I'm going to give myself 9 months to lose it (February 2012).

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  1. I'm so excited for yoU! You're going to do such a great job! I'll be praying for ya, I know how hard it is, and I can't even imagine how much harder after having a baby... although I'll soon find out with yoU! ahahah!