Monday, February 14, 2011

Growth Ultrasound

Last week at my doctor's appointment, my midwife measured Drew at 36 weeks and was a bit concerned that my due date could be off or that he was actually pretty darn huge. As a precaution, she scheduled me for a growth ultrasound. So Dave and I spent our Valentine's evening at Kaiser getting Baby Drew checked out! I think it was pretty much the best Valentine's day date you could think of, especially because everything looked great.

For the untrained eye, it was REALLY hard to tell what you were looking at (Dave got to do most of the looking, I was laying flat on my back trying to figure out how to make my back stop hurting and later trying not to pass out from the dizziness). As the tech measured the different parts of him, Dave paid close attention to the numbers on the screen (thanks to Bumpies for giving me the hint) and he reports that the sizes ranged from 32w1d to 36w2d, with most of the dates landing in the 34 week range. Dave is pretty sure that the higher date measurements were for his legs and arms which would make the most sense; I have a pretty tall husband!

The tech was super nice and although she isn't allowed to tell us anything officially, she gave up a few statistics.
  • Drew is about 4 pounds, 14 ounces (this is about 14 oz bigger than 33 weeks according to, but not totally abnormal). Ultrasounds can be a pound off in either direction so he could be anywhere from 3/14 to 5/14.
  • He is still breech, with his head pushing directly on my left ribs (explains the numbness I feel there when sitting down).
  • He isn't overly large for 33 weeks.

When I got to look, she showed me (and Dave):

  • his head (which looks like a giant ball),
  • his face (nope, not even going to pretend I could tell what she was showing me),
  • his legs (pretty clear, crossed in the picture above),
  • his abdomen/ribs (amazing the definition in the rib cage, this is the only part that was SUPER clear),
  • his stomach (tiny black hole),
  • his hands and thumb (man, they look huge) and
  • his boy parts (just in case we may have had an Andrea in there instead).

I should be getting a call within the next few days from my midwife if anything looked out of the ordinary to her. I'm assuming no call = good. Edit: Midwife emailed (man, LOVE Kaiser) and all is good. We'll see him again on March 7th at our next appointment to check his size, fluid levels, and his breech positioning (flip baby, flip)!

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