Saturday, February 19, 2011

Project Carpet

As I've mentioned, we choose to install carpet in the red room and in the sitting area that was part of the master bathroom addition. A few weeks ago, we picked it out and got a great deal ($2.19 per square foot including tax, pad and installation), it was measured "properly" and today was the scheduled day for the installation. I have been looking forward to this day for weeks because it means that the furniture that has been living in the nursery and living room will get to go "home" and I'll get to start putting together Drew's room.
The red room was already empty, but the closet area had my two gigantic Ikea closets FULL of clothes. I emptied them completely between Drew's closet, a rolling rack, and several plastic containers on Friday night. Then, our wonderful friends Louie and Kristen came over to help Dave move the gigantic things into our bedroom. It was a pretty tight squeeze into bed last night (picture a king size bed completely surrounded).
After threats of a huge storm in Southern California this weekend, I thought it wasn't going to happen... BUT IT DID! They came at 11 (two hours late) and installed the carpet!

It is pretty. I like it. Reese LOVES it.

Almost immediately after they left, I forced Dave to start NURSERY progress...

Step 1: Empty the nursery!

I called Louie and Kristen again and, bless their hearts, they came over AGAIN to help move furniture again! This time Louie and Dave moved the Ikea closets back into the sitting area and all the dining room furniture back into the dining room!

The remaining aspects of my closets that were in the nursery are now in the living room where the dining room table was chilling for the past few weeks. They also helped us take the oak entertainment center to the Goodwill!

Kristen posing with it because I was SO excited that it was gone!

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