Sunday, February 6, 2011

Week 32

Super Bowl Sunday!
I'm sporting Chargers gear for the party we'll be attending!
I LOOK: huge still. I don't feel like I've grown that much bigger over the past two weeks. A friend this week did tell me that I have a basketball belly, which I NEVER thought I'd hear being an overweight pregnant lady. No major changes in this area, no swelling (which I feel very, very lucky about), innie belly button, great hair and nails. Total Weight Gain: 31 lbs (+2 in two weeks, right on track).
I FEEL: This changes day to day pretty significantly. One day, I'm great. The next, I want to be done being pregnancy the day before. Overall, I could explain it as just uncomfortable. Little aches and pains are starting to take over. Sleeping isn't really a happy time even though I'm exhausted. The past two weeks have also ushered in acid reflux that is not dependent on what I eat--pretty much just a constant reminder.
  • Baby Preparations: We've made progress on the nursery over the past two weeks because we've been pretty busy finishing other projects. I'm okay with that for now. I have washed and organized all the newborn and 0-3 month clothes from Tawni, purchased some diapers/wipes, and started to feel okay with the fact that he could come because he has somewhere to sleep (bassinet by our bed), something to eat, things to wear to stay warm, and something to poop in. The picture below is what the nursery currently looks like (dining room furniture, crib/changing table in the box, and assorted baby things).
  • Baby Movements: He is a pattern baby--every night all night. Also this week he's started moving around a bit more forcefully during the day. Several of my students have noticed and said something about my belly jumping during class (they LOVE this). Still doing kick counts even though they are pointless.
  • Weird Pregnancy Symptom: everything from before, plus acid reflux.

I CRAVE: chocolate milk! This is ubber strange because I HATE milk (like to the point that I'd really rather have water on my cereal, but that might be strange), but we were walking through the grocery store and I saw it and had to have it. I drank an entire quart of it in three days.

I THINK: I'm done working. It isn't that I don't like my classes, because I do (even Read180 is improving as they feel sorry for me?). It isn't that I feel extra stressed, I just done want to be there. Every morning I feel like I'm forcing myself to be there and I've never felt like this before. Once the day gets going, I'm in and teaching like normal. After school is a different story--pointless meeting occur and my brain is COMPLETELY checked out.

I HOPE/I'm EXCITED: to get the house put back together and the nursery done as we get closer to his birth. I'm excited for my baby shower coming up on the 26th. I hope that he stays in there for longer than everyone seems to think he will so he can be nice and developed before he makes his appearance!

DOCs Say: Appointment Monday

Some funnies for you (and all true): You know you're really pregnant when...

  1. Your husband jumps into the belly picture session.
  2. Your tummy bumps into random strangers and teachers in staff meetings because you didn't realize you didn't fit there.
  3. You sit in three different places in Taco Bell because you don't fit in the booth and finally end up in the only moveable chair in the place.
  4. You hold your breath when you put on socks, shoes, underwear in order to bend over enough to get them on.
  5. The campus aid comes to check on you at least three times per day to make sure you don't need a potty break (this is also because they like me... but still).
  6. A trip to Home Depot ends with you sitting on the sample toilet in the sample bathroom as your husband examines the the 101th thing in the section.
  7. Turning over in bed makes so much noise that you wake up your husband and when he asks what's wrong, you growl "nothing."
  8. You dream about teaching your unborn child how to write a proper introduction essay so he won't look like a loser in school (and ask a question as the first sentence every time).
  9. Everyone has a list of things you aren't suppose to do, but at the same time, ask why things aren't done.
  10. Your students continually ask you when the baby will be here, if they can come to the shower/hospital/my house to visit.
  11. Your students ask over personal questions on a daily basis and you answer them (funniest one: Male 9th grader--When your water breaks, can you drink it? He was serious, but VERY embarrassed after it popped out of his mouth).

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  1. I had a male student ask if he could come over to my house to see the baby after it was born as well. I said, um no. He said, I could baby sit for you, I've done it before.... um, still no. But thank you! This is the kid that gives me a hug EVERY day... 3 on Friday! yikes! I don't mind hugs, but I feel like he makes them a little sentimental... too much for me!