Saturday, February 12, 2011

Transforming the "Red Room" into a Dining Room

It use to look like this...
ugly paneling, dead bugs, funky everything!This week after work, Dave worked hard to texture the walls, prime the walls, texture the ceiling, re-texture part of the walls, and paint. I don't have pictures of the "texture/prime" stage, because frankly it looked the same every day in the pictures.
Friday night Dave finished painting the room. The brown is two shades darker than the living room even though it looks REALLY dark in some of the pictures.
This morning with the HUGE amount of light that comes into the red room (which, by the way, will need to be officially re-named next Saturday when the carpet is in and there is no red, stamped concrete floor anymore) the paint actually looked lighter in here than in the dining room.
My mom and dad drove out from Orange County to help today! Dad and Dave spent the day getting the bead board on the wall for my wainscoting! Mom and I talked about her 1000 sewing projects, Drew's nursery, and spend over an hour in the Joann's that is going out of business.
I've said it before, but I have "visions" in my head of EXACTLY what I want the room to look like and this room is shaping up nicely into my vision.
After several people commented on the dangers of the openness of the wall and the potential for it to be "open" for awhile (we all know that we usually move pretty slow at this house), we came up with a temporary, CHEAP solution. Dave put drywall on to the wall ($13) and continued the bead board all the way across this wall too. I've been assured that it is temporary, but at least a crawling Drew won't get his fingers in the exposed plaster, nails, or studs.
Tonight, it was my job to fill all the holes made by putting the bead board onto the wall in order to paint it in the coming days. Of course, the wood putty that Dave had was dried up... so I went to Home Depot. Unless you've remodeled anything, or lived with Dave, you may not understand the significance of my next picture. I made it to Home Depot and back with my wood putty in 15 minutes and 4 seconds. Considering it took me 6 minutes and 14 seconds to get there (stopping at every light, of course), I was speedy! Yeah, I'm a nerd who times herself...
What can I say?
(overly proud of myself)
Dave's last project of the night is to sand and strip the old trim from the room to re-put it up. This is his least favorite thing in this entire house, but he loves me, so he has gone along with it for the past two years. I LOVE the fluted, round trim that is original to the house. So we take it down, strip off as many layers of paint as possible and re-put it up :) "We" as in Dave.
Once this trim is ready to go up around the sliding door, entry passage into the living, and door into the hallway, we can put up the chair rail that goes over the top of the bead board and overlaps onto the wall for that finished look.

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