Friday, February 4, 2011

Loving this

When I woke up this morning, the outside of the Red Room looked like this.At 6:45 am, the contractor and stucco guys showed up and started banging around... We added a bit of stucco work for the garage (the new window and door were replaced in Jan of 2009, but the stucco stayed yucky).
The back side of the master bath is also being stuccoed at the same time (there use to be green paneling here, causing major heat loss). The small window is new as part of the master shower. The bigger window was already there. In the far left corner where you see brown--yeah, that use to be a piece of glass that let bugs into the house in the "sink" room.
When I came home today, I found this...
After the next two days of "drying," they will return back on Monday for a color coat on all three areas. After the color coat, we can final close the permit on the master bath addition and all the back of the house will at least be all white.

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