Sunday, February 20, 2011

Week 34

You get the PJ/no make-up version today...
I LOOK: the same as the past three weeks. I don't think I've grown anymore, but when I look at the pictures, it is clear that I have. My nails have had major issues this week and my hands are incredibly dry. A few stretch marks appeared right in the middle of my belly (where my two rolls uses to fold in) and I clearly have a linea nigra rising above my belly button. Still blessed with no swelling! Total Weight Gain: +33 (+2 in two weeks).

I FEEL: Tired. Sore. Several long days this week left me almost inmobile by five when I get home. The recliner and heating pad are my best friends. Thursday night I sat down and did not move again until I got up to go to bed. Acid reflux is a daily visitor, but thankfully a 75 mg Zantac fixes it pretty easily.

  • Baby Preparations: The nursery was officially started last night. Dave primed the ceiling, taped off the trim, and painted the baby pink walls a new shade of baby blue. Today, we continued to work on several projects in the room (seperate post deserved!).
  • Baby Movements: There is a lot of pushing going on in there, but I have yet to have any super painful kicks. I'm assuming that this is because he's in the frank breech position (a visual for you).
  • Weird pregnancy Symptom: He's pushing his head directly into my left rib cage--this causes the area under my chest to go completely numb several times a day. It is a strange feeling.

I CRAVE: my cravings have kicked into high gear this week... The list: McFlurry with oreos and fudge, potato salad, cream cheese, 7-up, chocolate milk, cottage cheese, bean burrito from Bakers. I have sent Dave to McDonald's twice for the McFlurry...

I THINK: Andrew being breech scares me a little bit; I've been reading a lot online about breech babies and how to help them rotate ( I even watched a few videos of women giving birth to breech babies vaginally. As my friends pointed out this week, I've always joked that I wanted to be knocked out for him to come out and that a c-section would be great because I wouldn't have to deal with the pain of giving birth. Now that a c-section is a greater possiblity, I am willing to do crazy sounding things like laying on an ironing board head down, trying to get him to flip, so a vaginal birth is possible. Strange I know... Also, I get it when Tawni told me that I'd be done being pregnant at this stage. I'm ready for him to be here (mentally, definitely not in the house stage) and I'm ready to stop working.

I HOPE: Andrew flips over himself by our next doctor's appointment on March 7th (we'll have another u/s to check) when I'm 36 weeks. If he doesn't by then, he won't have much more room to do it.

I'm EXCITED: about my Baby Shower next weekend! I can't wait to see all my friends that I don't get to see all the time :) I'm also excited that the house is coming together and Andrew will actually have a nursery to call him own before he's born!

DOCs SAY: I've only talked to my midwife via email, but she says other than the breech issue, all is well. She confirmed everything that the ultrasound tech told us and said that she wasn't concerned that he'll be making an early appearence.


  1. I know what you mean about the numbness. I had never heard about it from anyone before. It was weird and almost itchy. It was only on my left side, ribs, just below the breat. It started at 20 weeks and didn't go away until I delivered.

  2. I had a numb spot on my right side, last rib, it was numb all the time from I would say about 20+ weeks. My last rib also felt extremely bruised from her pushing, I think she constantly kicked my ribs. The numbness went away when she was around 4 months or so and my rib hurt for quite a while after I delivered.

  3. Hello~ Don't know exactly how I came across your blog , I was searching for primitive decor , and it came up some where LOL , I was wondering if you could be so kind and share with me the paint color you choose for the RED ROOM color and brand ...It looks so nice! Thanks so much your house is gorgeous! ~ Kelly

  4. chose* ...spell check ..LOL