Sunday, February 13, 2011

Week 33

I had issues looking at the camera today...
Dave is working REALLY hard on the dining room and I'm doing everything I can think of to "nest" without actually putting together the nursery or clean the house (honestly, I don't think that nesting part will every come).

My project for today: After reading a bunch of recommendations on the Internet, I created my hospital bag list, assembled all the parts, went to Target to pick up the remaining items, and put it all together. The "organizer" in me also made a file of important things (birth certificate pre-filled out form, nursing/pooping chart, important numbers, birth plan, etc). Of course, this bag could be sitting for another seven weeks, so it can't be completely ready... but that is why I have a check list for the day we need it.
My craving for chocolate milk hasn't vanished and thanks to my mom, I now have another quart to drink!

Other milestones of the past week:
  1. I can no longer bend over enough or reach far enough to shave my legs. My wonderful husband did it for me yesterday morning (without complaining, mind you).
  2. I've done a lot of reading about "measuring big" and I think I've calmed myself down, BUT I'm also fully expecting to have a March baby instead of an April one. After tomorrow's ultrasound, we'll know more.
  3. We're registered to take an all day pain management/labor class on March 5. I'm actually pretty darn "curious" about how much pain I'll actually be able to handle in this birthing process. I've started dreaming about it...


  1. I craved chocolate milk too. So yummy! :)

  2. hey woman! You are looking great!
    I'm so excited for you... it's getting closer and closer!
    I think you need to send me or post about your hospital list b/c I'm interested in the list you came up with. I so wouldn't have even thought about all that. You're so good.
    And uh, where oh where did you get that adorable hospital bag... it's too cute to handle!

  3. You are so super prepared! I definitely think you need to list what is in your bag. I want to know what the super organized put in one of those :)