Monday, January 18, 2010

Best (klutzy) Injuries

My bad mood continues from yesterday and has given way to a dark sense of humor at the moment. For today's best post I thought I'd give you my best injury stories.

I am not an athlete and have never done anything remotely "dangerous" in my entire life; that has not stopped me from really, really hurting myself over the years.

2007: Maui, Road to Hana, attempting to see a "big" waterfall (which turned out to be a trickle) by "hiking" along side a 50 foot drop. Slipped on a wet rock and landed on my right side on top of some incredibly sharp bushes. I was too worried about my SLR around my neck and the cliff to try to break my fall well. Several nasty bruises on my legs and arms and a broken nuckle (found two weeks later).

2005: Central MS, my classroom. Cords were everywhere because of the new technology and the new cord protector that wouldn't lay flat on the ground. Tripped over the cord, doing a rolling somersault across the front of the room in attempt to catch the flying protector. Saved the projector, showed my entire class my underwear, and really hurt my back. Lots of 800 mg motrin and limited movement for WEEKS.

August, 2001: Big Bear, CBU New Student Orientation. Walking down a slight dirt incline on the way to the fire pit, slid a little (like 6 inches), and ended up tearing two ligaments in my ankle. Air cast and "no walking" for the first six weeks of college.

June, 2001: Parent house, my bedroom. While getting out of bed, fell to the ground after finding that leg was asleep. Severe sprain of ankle.

2000: Parents house, kitchen. Making snickerdoodles to take to school, when the handmixer had a hard time mixing the tripled batch, I stirred it by hand and strained my rotator cuff. Sling for two weeks.

1999: Mrs. Rosenburg's Honors Chem class, El Capitan HS. Lab experiment where we had to put glass rod into rubber plug; I was given the responsibility for this part because I often exploded chemicals and this was considered "safe." Ended up pushing too hard and shattering the rod through my finger at the palm. Lots of blood, passing out at the nurses office...

I could keep going, but you get the point :)

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