Thursday, January 21, 2010

Student Principal

Elementary school is extremely different than secondary school (no, duh!) and I've gotten a sneak peak at the madness the past two days as a "student principal."

My best observations of the point of view of an outsider:
  • Little kids like to move. A lot. They move all over and run into you and other people without a second thought. They move in class constantly.
  • Rainy days are not "happy" times for anyone involved at school.
  • Kindergartners are so stinkin' cute.
  • Dismissal time is incredibly stressful with 900 kids all over the place and late parents... and of course, rain complicates it!
  • Phonics are exceptionally confusing to me (which is a completely different issue), but the kids seem to get it and the "sound-spelling" cards are a great visual cue for them.
  • Six graders can be annoying just like eighth graders, but they can also be cute and funny like seventh graders.
  • Elementary school teachers should be paid more than me!

8 hours done. 52 hours left.

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