Thursday, July 26, 2012

Chargers 5K

Saturday, July 21st was my fourth 5K of the year, The Bolt to the Q.  We were really excited to run with the Chargers, finish on the 50 yard line, meet some Chargers, and get some cool Chargers swag. The course was very difficult for me, but we made it in one hour and 3 minutes.  With the "after race" fun totally crazy and not enough finisher rewards, the day was a disappointment and the event was very poorly organized (we will opt to do the Phillip Rivers 5K next year instead of this one).  Our pictures will just cover the cool part :)

 at the starting line

 Almost at the finish line (can you tell that I am in major pain?!) when I thought my hip was going to simply detach itself and walk away

 walking into the tunnel onto the field

 on the field before we finished, we are on the jumbo screen!

 playing on the field

 melissa running for the touchdown
 playing catch with Andrew
 ready, set, hike!
 The Charger Girls were so nice! 
Andrew loved them, Melissa got to shake a pompom and Andrew scored several autographs.
We also got Ryan Matthews' autograph on Andrew's football, but the whole situation was so frustrating, I don't really care.  He didn't make eye contact, say hello, or anything to show that he cared thousands of people just participated in him 5K to raise money for HIS charity; the 5 year old next to me gushed about how "you're my favorite player ever" and Matthews didn't respond, just signed and moved onto another person... seriously, Matthews has just gone on to my Chargers I don't like list.

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