Sunday, July 1, 2012


Andrew went to Disneyland for the first time!!
Tuesday, June 26

Ready for a ton of pictures?! 
 I'll try not to make this a photo dump blog, but in all honesty, isn't that what you're here for?
We planned to leave at 6:30 am to beat the morning traffic and get to the park by 7:30ish, but instead we left at 7:00 and got there at 8:15.  We met up with Nicole, Avery, and Linda (Nicole's mom). 

Funny story: Linda was in my admin classes at CSUSB in 2009-2010 before I was pregnant.  I met Nicole online through the Bump in September 2010 and we met in person for the first time at the zoo a few weeks ago.  As Nicole was introducing me to her mom and I knew that I recognized her, but I couldn't figure out from where.  A few minutes later, it came to me :)  What a small world!
 Anyway, we started in California Adventure's new Cars Land like every other person that came to the parks that day.  It is very well done and really cute, but there was too many people there to really enjoy any of it.  At 8:45 am, they were already out of fast passes for Radiator Springs Racers (the main ride) and the line for Mator's was over 90 minutes.  Instead, we walked down Route 66, stopped to take the above picture of the kiddos and then walked right back out of the Cars Land.  In a year or two when people are "over it," I bet it will be fantastic!
 Andrew and Avery are seven days apart and pretty much the same size.  She is adorable!
 We headed over to Bug's Land for Andrew's first rides.  He was a bit confused on what was going on, but he heard the bugs and saw the giant caterpillar, so he knew something was cool!

 He sort of had this concentrated stare going on during the whole ride, but the pointer did come out a bit.  Running off the ride was more interesting.  Thankfully there were five adults and two kids at this point, so we were able to wrangle them pretty well.
 Our second ride was the spilling ladybugs (picture tea cups turned into bugs and you got it).  We all sat together in one bug and Andrew was supposed to sit on the chair himself with no lap sitting.
 It didn't last long--the ride went faster than we though it did and Andrew was not a fan.  He sort of clung to me and made a whiny sound for most of the ride.  This was the first time in his ENTIRE life that he seems to be scared of something.  I have to say it was pretty cute; my independent daredevil was scared of the ladybug!
 Mommy was excited to get off--spinning in circles is not a happy thing for her.
 Our third ride was the flying take out boxes (think Dumbo, but put us into a huge Chinese take-out box and you'll have it).  Andrew concentrated really hard, but ended up liking the wind in his hair and the view down.
 After our rides in Bug's Land, Ashlee and Luke met up with us and we headed over to Disneyland.  As Melissa and Dave rode the new Star Tours, the girls and babies headed to Pizza Port for some air conditioning.  Andrew fell asleep on the way over and slept a full two hours in his stroller.  We enjoyed the air while Luke and Avery ate lunch and we talked.  It is crazy that we have known each other online for almost two years now.

After a bit, Hannah, Mike, and Xavier arrived and we headed to main street to meet them and say goodbye to Ashlee and Luke.   
The April Bumpies and Babies
Hannah/Xavier (April 8), Ashlee/Luke (April 16), Jennifer/Andrew (April 9), and Nicole/Avery (April 16)
 We ate lunch.  Andrew made a mess with his mac and cheese.
 We sent the boys to get Space Mountain fast passes, then rode Buzz Light year together.  Andrew didn't know what to do with all that noise going on.
 He was scared again (see him literally climbing up on me in the ride), but because the ride was longer, he warmed up and looked/pointed at a lot of things.  The bad guy scared him and caused a whimper.
 our attempt at a family picture
 Xavier and Andrew in front of the castle
 The Pfeffer's take Disneyland
 Next we headed to Toon Town so the boys could be free.
Andrew explored Goofy's Playhouse
 slide down the slide (a few hundred times)
We visited Mickey's house.
These carrots and the carrot stealing rabbit held Andrew's attention for quite a while!
there is so much to look at and point to
Meeting Mickey was kind of scary too. He clung on for dear life, but at least didn't whimper.

he refused to touch mickey, but stared with great intent
After Mickey, we met back up with Hannah and Nicole for the Jungle Cruise. We actually had to stand in line (which I've never done) which was pretty hot.
Above: Mike, Hannah, and Xavier
Below, Nicole, Avery, and Linda (in the background)

Who knew that the Jungle Cruise actually has a pretty big cue line?  It goes up and down several different sets of stairs and all over. The stairs made pretty good picture places!

Andrew was being a ham--"1-2-3-cheese" produced these smiles.
The actual ride was interesting. Andrew liked the animals and talked to them, but most of the time looked bored. Avery thought it was too loud and Xavier seemed disinterested. Oh well!

After Jungle Cruise, we said goodbye to Avery. Dave, Melissa, and Mike rode single rider on Indiana Jones. Hannah, the boys, and I sat in the shade. We split for awhile and Andrew played with water (by far, his favorite part of the day so far). The giant water suspended ball had enough water for him to get his head completely wet.
We also played with the rocket steam (misters), ate pizza for dinner, and ran around for awhile. We met back up with the gang for them to ride Space Mountain. I stayed with Andrew and Xavier outside. It was pretty funny to have both boys in their orange matching strollers in the exit of the ride because everyone that walked by looked and a lot of people asked me if they were mine (Xavier is much bigger than Andrew, but not big enough for me to have two, come on people!). An elderly couple, celebrating 60 years of marriage, sat down next to me and made faces at the boys--they loved it.
After they rode, we headed back to California Adventure. There must be something about the middle of the parks that puts Andrew to sleep, because he was quickly out cold again (it might also have been the timing). 
We had fast passes for World of Color at 9 pm, so we went and got ice cream to prepare for the show. Of course, the moment we get to our spot and get ready to sit and eat it, Andrew wakes up screaming bloody murder so I have to hold him and don't get to eat my ice cream without it being melted. He half slept, half looked around the for 45 minutes before the show started.
When the show started, he was 100% engaged. He loved every single second of it and made the noise and used the finger to prove it. 

we got in the car to come home at 10:30 pm--one long, but exciting, day at Disneyland!


  1. Jennifer - great blog!! You did a wonderful job capturing the emotions of the day. I love that you got a lot of pictures of his face and smiles or concerns. Your Wild Animal Park blog was excellent also. What fun Andrew will have looking back at all his firsts! Love MOM

  2. Looks like you guys had a wonderful time! I can't wait until we get to take Abby for the first time!