Saturday, July 14, 2012

Little Gym

 Grandma came to Little Gym class last week so we have some fun pictures from class to share.  Like I thought, Andrew loves the class.  He is probably the most advanced kid in his Birds class (10-19 months) and enjoyed when I accidentally showed up for the Beasts class (20-36 months).  Like with everything else, he shows no fear or hesitation to try something new or climb to new heights.
 this climbing thing with uneven bars is his favorite thing to play with during free time. 
 this weeks new skill was a small obstacle course (jumped from spring board onto the round platform above, then climb onto another platform and do an assistant jump off onto the mat)--Andrew didn't want to wait his turn or jump "assisted", but as you can see from his face, he liked it. 
 The balance beam is an interesting skill for him--the first week we practiced going across feet vertically one in front of the other (above) and last week we practiced side-stepping it (below).  Andrew was not really great at either of them, but his teacher, Lauren, was still impressed.

 This bar isn't a skill, but Andrew can actually hold his own body weight and swing from the bar. 
He especially likes when you push him and falling onto the mat.
 He's learning how to do forward rolls (somersaults) and backward rolls.

At the end of the class they have bubbles... clearly, this is a hit!

Thanks again Grandma for taking pictures and Aunt Nicole and Grandma Linda for the birthday present that keeps on giving :)

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