Thursday, July 19, 2012

Cabinets, Part I

It's been a long while since I've posted a blog about remodeling mainly because we've done very little of it since Andrew was born (rest assured, there is plenty left).  This project was another one of those "can't ignore me any longer" ones. 

You see the kitchen cabinets (remember those really ugly bug infested ones that I cried over when I scrubbed and painted) above the stove were never properly installed. 
Over the past two years I have noticed them separating more and move from the wall (tiny millimeter at a time).  I'd mentioned it several times to Dave and we sort of tried to ignore it.  When we were in Portand, Southern California experiences a bit of an earthquake and when we returned the cabinets seemed significantly worse (like 3-4 cm off the wall).  A few nights later, I had a dream about them completely falling off the wall, sending our food crashing down to the floor and smashing Andrew.  Again, I brought it up to Dave and insisted that we take the stuff off of them.  I'm sure sure what my plan was after that, but his plan was to demolish them.

After several days of debating what to do, Dave decided to build his own boxes (remember him working on the 4th of July?).  The process isn't done, but he's spent a significantly amount of time planning, cutting, assembling, and building his cabinet boxes.
 my new pantry
(we currently don't have one and there wasn't a cabinet there before)
 boxes that will eventually be the spice rack and the above oven vent holder
(the vent is another thing we didn't have before)
 Andrew likes to hang out and see the messes in progress

Side Note: Looking back at the pictures of my house when we purchased it makes me feel better about it right now.  Even though we're not done and there is little things that infuriate me that they sit unfinished, we've made HUGE progress.  Seriously, what the heck were we thinking? 

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