Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Can you guess what happened?

**Bethany wins: Andrew was taken pictures of himself and cried hysterically when it was taken away from him!


  1. Andrew jumping on the sofa and instead of landing on the sofa...fell onto the floor and hit is head. But it also could have been that you told him "no" and removed a toy. Or...he had climbed up on the dining room chair, then climbed onto the dining room table and then decided to jump into his new outdoor pool that you have set up in the dining room filled with rubber balls...and in this case missed the pool all together and landed on the carpet with Reese underneath him. Good guesses??

  2. He had your phone and managed to snap a couple of pictures of himself. Then threw a temper tantrum after you took the phone away? Just a guess.
    Bethany Bohrer