Wednesday, July 4, 2012


 Andrew and I have been in Mommy and Me swim lessons for the past two weeks.  He really enjoys the water and is actually getting the hang of some of the swim techniques.  It is Monday-Thursday from 4:45-5:15 pm.  We'll continue until July 19 and see if we want to do one more session.

On Sunday (7/1), we went to Melissa's apartment and practices our lessons and played in her pool! 
 Practice kicks (motorboat, motorboat, kick, kick, kick)
  Wall Train (chugga, chagga, choo, choo)
 Blast Off (one, two, three, blast-off) Extreme!  This one ends with Andrew underwater!

We also practice blowing bubbles in the water (Andrew does not get this at all), kicking, moving along the wall, ice cream scoops with the arms, dunking underwater.

We also do a few songs:
1) Ring around the Rosy,
2) Pancake song (I'm a little pancake, flat and round...think I'm a little Teapot),
3) Hokey poky,
4) Motorboat (Motorboat goes so slow, motorboat goes so fast, motorboat turn on the speed!)

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  1. someone suggested i take abby to a class this summer, but apparently it's really early in the morning all the way across the lake (like 45 mins)... um no. But it would be fun to do i think, if it weren't so early! Reading about it from you makes me think that maybe abby is a bit too young for it? you think?
    When we got in the pool for her bday she just LOVED it so much. She was kicking her legs and all. Carol really thought I should get her in a class. I just don't know if they have them during the year though, probably not.