Sunday, July 8, 2012

Grins and Giggles

Xavier, Maddie, Avery, and Andrew
almost 15 months 

We got together with the April Bumpies today at Grins and Giggles in Santa Fe Springs (about 10 minutes from Grandpa and Grandma Bennett's).  Like the place we went to in Vancouver, this place was all about the kids.  There were two huge rooms full of toys, climbing structures, blown up jumpers, and cars that the kids had free running access.  If it had a full cafe it would be perfect in every way. 
 Xavier loved to run!
 this ball pit was really, really fun to roll around in for Andrew
 playing in the jump house
 eating lunch
 teeter totter fun (Mandi helped rock the kiddos)
 back to the balls with Maddie
 the kids had a grand time for three full hours!
 the cozy coup and cozy truck were big hits.  Andrew climbed in and out over and over again.
This little contraption was a hit too. 
It had a door that they all wanted to open and close on and for each other.
 Avery riding the airplane
Hannah/Xavier, Mandi/Maddie, Nicole/Avery, Jennifer/Andrew

Like my college friends who have become lifelong family, these women and their kids have become such a great part of our lives.  There is something special about having survived pregnancy and the first year of our kiddos lives together via the Internet.  Five years ago we may not have become friends or felt like we had nothing in common (probably not, but who knows), but now I consider them great friends!

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