Friday, July 6, 2012

4th of July 2012

 The 4th started like most days this summer.  Up at 7 am, breakfast, a walk (this time we went to the store though), a nap, and then playing outside.  Andrew wore his play swimsuit for the occasion even though it is a little too big!
 Daddy turned on the sprinklers for Andrew.  He didn't get the concept of running through them, but enjoyed grabbing onto them!
 The above face is the 'Oh my goodness, I'm so excited' face that I see at least ten times a day when we're outside.
 running (and usually falling), is a new past time
 he was thirsty I guess...
 Daddy worked in the backyard on kitchen cabinets (joyful issue for another post on another day) and Andrew kept running over to say hi.  He'd continue to yell 'hi' until Dave acknowledged him over the loudness of the table saw.
 I chased the toddler and continued to work on my permanent tank top tan (seriously it is a bit nuts).
 See that grin?  That is the 'I'm not supposed to be over here, touching the rose bushes or the faucet, but if I smile really cute and point to you, you won't stop me' grin.  Yeah, it doesn't work, but he tries.
 In the late afternoon, we all headed over to Scott and Rachel's house for a celebration and good ol' fashion BBQ.  They have the perfect view of Mt. Rubidoux from their backyard and Rachel throws the best party ever.  It's hard to believe that when we did this last year, Andrew was itsy-bitsy and slept through most of the party.
 We had the Keys, Websters, Davis' and Pfeffers again. 
The adults aren't outnumbered yet, but when Keys #3 comes along 10 days or so from now, we will be!

 That's eight kids!
In the back: Sammy (3.5), Taylor (5)
Middle: Nathan (18 mo), Jordan (4), Brendan (3.5), Andrew (14 mon)
Front: Elijah (2) and Caleb (2)
 The kids played in the water while the adults hung out. 
Andrew was the only little kid in the pool with the big kids (shocker).

 Andrew LOVED this lawn mower.
 After water play, we ate dinner and got ready for fireworks.
 First up--sparklers!
 Andrew liked the bright light and really wanted to hold it himself.  After yanking it out of Daddy's hand, we made sure to hold Andrew's hand tight.  He still thought it was pretty cool!

We are blessed to live in the USA with many freedoms and perks that others don't get to experience and we are blessed as a family to have such good friends close by to celebrate our freedoms as we become real adults (because, come on, looking at our lives, we are actually adults, we're not playing house or pretending when you look at eight kids!)

As I drove home last night (in tons of traffic), I thought back to our first 4th of July as a group (with husbands, after college).  We had KFC and sat on the lawn at Central MS. 

It's hard to believe that this was six years ago!
Dave and I weren't married yet (a month and 1 day away) and
there were no kids on the horizon for anyone!

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  1. I really enjoyed this post. I don't know your friends, but it's nice seeing all the kids, the pics of each family and the end, talking about how things have changed and what your first 4th all together was like. Was a great memory!