Monday, July 2, 2012

Safari Park

 Our summer adventures continued at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park (aka The Wild Animal Park) on Saturday (6/30).  Melissa was given three tickets from her hospital, so we got to go for free!
 We started by watching the Frequent Flyers Bird Show.  Andrew was super excited about it even before it started thanks to the jumbo screen introduction the birds.  He was dancing, singing, and pointing like crazy.
 I decided to make some collages for the trip--each one is what he saw and his reaction!
After the bird show, we decided to make our way towards the tram ride.  Along the way, we met some animals!

First up, the gorillas!

 We had perfect timing for the gorillas.  The mommy and baby came out right as we got up to the viewing area and shortly afterwards the daddy and another female came up to play.  We watched for a few minutes and then we went inside their cave for shade (it was hot... really, really hot).
 Andrew enjoyed making the gorilla noises and pushing the buttons.
 We all know Andrew loves water, so the misters that were everywhere at the part were a hit over and over again.  Above is Aunt Melissa and Andrew "touching" the water.
 To get from the top of the part to the bottom (safari part), you either climb down several flights of stairs or take the elevator, but at the top of the elevator you have a beautiful view of the safari land.  Even Andrew enjoyed the view!
 Down in the safari land lives the lions.  Usually they are far away from the viewing area and you can hardly see them, but again, we had perfect timing.  Three of the five lions decided to take a nap right next the viewing window.  Obviously, you can't miss the male, but their is a female to the right and another one inside the white jeep. 
 After the lions, we got in line for the African tram.  Our monkey thought it was great to swing on the bars of the cue and try to escape.
 Our 30 minute tour took up all through the safari and we were able to see some animals close up that aren't normally close, like the giraffe below. 
 To say that Andrew enjoyed himself is an understatement!

 After the tram ride, we ate lunch
 and headed to the parakeet landing!
 $3 of nectar guaranteed that you'd have some close up contact!

 Dave won without his running start.
 being silly
 We rode the carousel and Andrew actually enjoyed it.

 we shopped a little
and headed home while we were still happy!

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  1. They changed the name of it?! That is unacceptable! But it looks like you had a good time :)